Tiki Bars

Tiki bars are the spark that lit the creative fire at Tiki Dave's. After years of tinkering and perfecting we boast the most impressive, creative, and inviting backyard tiki bars in the GTA and southern Ontario.  With many styles, sizes, and patterns to choose from we insure that the bar we build for you will be completely custom and diverse in many ways. The large amount of options and materials to choose from also insures you will get exactly what you are looking for.
This style of bar is one of our top selling models and comes very well reviewed. This bar is made just under eight feet long and has approximately thirty-six square feet of bar top. The backside of the bar is made to your specifications. You can choose between mini fridges, shelving, custom art pieces, sinks and many other personalized options.

The Big Kahuna

Big Kahuna
This bar is slightly smaller than the Big Kahuna as it has approximately twenty square feet of bar top and is just over six feet in length. Most of our previous customers who have ordered this bar have told us they enjoy eating dinner at their bar in the backyard. This bar creates the perfect atmosphere for family occasions as well as social events without taking over the space in your backyard. Like the Big Kahuna it is also fully customizable. 

The Little Kahuna

The Island Oasis is one of our largest models and boasts an impressive forty square feet of U-shaped bar top. It also includes an eleven by eleven foot roof which insures you and all your guests can stay out of the rain or in the shade. This bar is truly magnificient and will be the focal point of any backyard. 

The Island Oasis